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Current Server Rules

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Although the server is a NO RULES Server, use common sense and common decency when playing...

Here are some Common Sense things we WILL Kick/Ban for:

1.  Vehicle Stealing - Wait your turn for
                 Gunships (in the front of the gunship)
                 Transports (Front or Lefthand-side)
                 Other Vehicles... Pay attention:  If a Clan member/Guest on our server has stopped
                              their vehicle and is firing at something, camping a silo, etc.  --->
                                                           DO NOT ASSUME THAT VEHICLE IS UP FOR THE TAKING

2.  Disrespect to =[MOFO]= clan members, clan allies, and other guests - Whiny Brats NOT Allowed

3.  Being an ASSHAT - This is where admins get to use their discretion.  If you are making life
                  intolerable for others on the server, griefing, or just being a total fucking out

4.  If you are KICKED for any of the Common Sense items above and you return to the server.  
                  It IS APPROPRIATE to ask why you were kicked and give your side of the story
                  (Be Respectful).  However you risk a BAN if you bitch and moan or insult the admin
                  after the reasoning for kicking you is given...a.k.a. build a bridge and get over it

INSTA-BANS can be received for the following:

1. Hacking - Altering gameplay by screwing with code or using 3rd-party applications
                                Here's an example:  Buying a Russian aimbot and using it to auto-aim on targets
                                     and pull off shots from across the map.  Cheaters are fags who don't work hard
                                     for their rewards in life...once a cheater always a cheater...we don't stand for  
                                     that pussy shit here...go play on =WCK=

2. Glitching - Exploiting the deficits in game design to gain an unfair advantage
                                Here's an example:  Using RDX to blow people up on the other side of a wall.  This
                                     is a Glitch/Exploit of game physics...It would be allowed though if you were
                                     able to blow a hole in the wall too :/

3. Stat-Padding - We are here to play and have fun.  Not participating in your team's pursuit of
                  victory just so you can soak up points is STAT-PADDING.  
                                Here's an example:  Getting your clanmate/friend to switch to the other team so
                                     they can meet you out in a deserted field, wasting you team's assets to get
                                     there (like transports), and then killing each other so you/they can earn
                                     badges is STAT-PADDING.  

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